We are all united for a better world with cryptocurrencies.

we are counting the support we have for crypto using a distributed counter on the blockchain ...

we believe cryptocurrency will allow the world to operate serverless, which in fact is very close to corruptionless !

We do have a token for everyone to tell us they do believe in crypto :

the Cryto-FAN-Coin, ticker (#XFC)

the value of the token is simple

value = 1 XFC = k * n ^ 2 = 0.05 AMU

where k = 0.05, and n is the real-time total number of supporters {{<3}}, and AMU is the "Absolute Monetary Unit".

 __n = 1__

if you believe in crypto click here !

note: even though in principle, I can have this counter distributed this version (v0.44) is not. The plan is to have a client side version of this page which will do the counting in server less manner.
This an experience we conduct to know if we can count the number of crypto*FAN in near real-time and see if we can make this counter goes up .

I am hiring any good javascript coder who want to do the job for me.

my contact is:

Iggy G. Lake ~ 6101